Cell Phone Signal Booster System

Improve Mobile Signals For All Canadian Networks.

At Installer.ca, we sell and install Cellular Phone Signal Boosters in Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton and Southern Ontario and are guaranteed to work with all North American cellular service providers and all manufacturer’s makes and models of mobile devices. Our cell phone signal amplifiers boost talk, text, data, and battery life for all smart mobile devices and are capable of supporting multiple users per band. We make a variety of boosters for use in homes, vehicles, commercial, and industrial use. If you live in Toronto and are in need of better cellular signal, a cell phone signal amplifier from Installer.ca can help you get better signal coverage.

At Installer.ca, we're in the business of providing your connectivity solutions for improving poor cell phone signal reception in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

 Boost signal for voice, text and 4G LTE data for all major Canadian carriers
 Reduces Dropped & Missed Calls and Improves 4G LTE Data Speeds
 Increases signal strength & extends battery life for all cellular devices
 Durable construction with attenuation dials for improved booster performance
 Supports multiple users simultaneously
Getting a clear signal in Southern Ontario and Greater Toronto Area is not always easy as many of the building materials used in construction of the city can inhibit cell reception. Other aspects that can keep signals low include too much cell interference and incompatible networks. Based on that area, natural and manmade structures have proven challenging for cell providers such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Fido. Our two or five band boosters work with all major Canadian cellular service providers. Our cell phone signal boosters boost talk, text, data, and battery life for all smart and mobile devices and internet hot spots, and are capable of handling multiple users per band.

We install cellular signal boosters by all manufacturers, including weBoost and SureCall

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weBoost cell phone boosters offer greater power and more options for enhancing signal at home, in the workplace, in a vehicle or even at unmanned remote sites. weBoost signal boosters work with any U.S. or Canadian carrier and any cellular enabled device.
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SureCall combines its patented engineering with top-quality materials and comprehensive lifetime support to provide best-in-class solutions for mobile device users to access dependable cell service in their homes, offices, and vehicles.

Works With ALL Canadian Mobile Network

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Where Do You Need Better Mobile Service?

Installer.ca's signal boosters send and receive call, text and mobile internet signals with 10X more power than a mobile phone alone. Our cell phone signal boosters improve cell signals for every Canada mobile network to deliver the best mobile service in any home or office.







Voice, Text & 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster for Residences and Commercial Buildings

Our boosters are compatible with all Canadian carriers, including: Bell, Telus, Rogers, Sasktel for 2G/3G/4G and LTE. Perfect cell phone signal booster for any weak signal area metal roof home, office, shop or warehouse. Note: coverage area range depends on the outdoor signal level. We can help your location to boosts voice, text and data signals at the same time. Multi- user concurrent access: smart phone, iPad, data modem can all be connected directly at the same time.

Our booster improves cell service for all Canadian carrier’s voice, text and 4G LTE data signals, including mobile hot spots. Increases signal strength & extends battery life for multiple users on all cellular devices. Significantly improved uplink power and high-gain antenna for best performance in the toughest environments without sacrificing performance in urban and rural locations.

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A cellular signal booster that just works

Sometimes, finding a place to get a strong signal in Greater Toronto Area can be a bit of a challenge at times, but with wi-fi and cell phone signal boosters from installer.ca, a signal is always available. Turnkey installation and maintenance service makes it easy for businesses to get the system installed and maintained without much effort. Our installer will promptly inspect your property, design a system, and construct / install it within a very short period of time depending upon complexity of the project. Our professional installers install and certify systems in accordance with fire codes of the city of Toronto. We can help you increase your signal strength for public safety bands or residential/ commercial uses cell phone booster system that boosts signal simultaneously on all anadian 3G, 4G, LTE networks of all nationwide service providers in Canada.

Boost Cell Signal in Underground Parking Garages

Cell phone signal boosters improve consumer confidence and public safety in parking garages and underground parking lots. At one time or another, most of us have experienced the lack of cell phone reception in parking garages. Even if there is a cell tower located nearby, these underground parking structures are typically located right next to other large buildings and are constructed of materials like brick and concrete that repel cell signal.

Signal Booster Installed in Parking Garage or Underground Parking Lot

Boost Cell Signal in Remote Cottages, Lake Cabins & Chalets

Designed for exceptional rural performance, Installer.ca's award-winning cellular signal boosters increase voice, text and 4G LTE data signals for all Canadian carriers, including Bell, Rogers, SaskTel and Telus. Stay connected further and boost all mobile devices with Installer.ca's line of powerful cottage booster kits that were built to perform at the edge of the network.

How do cottage boosters work?

Cottage boosters amplify the available outside cellular signal and distribute it inside the building. To boost signal indoors, some signal must exist outside. The high-gain yagi antenna captures this existing signal, amplifies it and the booster re-broadcasts enhanced signal inside to all devices. The booster then amplifies outgoing signal back to the cell tower. As a best practice, if you can make and hold a phone call outside on the property a cottage booster will work at your location.

Will A Cottage Booster Work At My Location?

  1. Can you reliably make a mobile voice call within 20 ft of your cabin? If yes, the signal booster will work. If NO:
  2. Reliably send & receive texts within 20 ft of your cabin? If yes, the booster will work with limited coverage. If NO:
  3. Reliably make & receive texts when standing on the roof of your cabin? If yes, coverage will be very limited. If NO:
  4. Unfortunately, a retail cellular booster solution is not recommended.

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