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We supply reliable, customized, state-of-the-art cellular products and services to residential customers, private businesses and government facilities. Through our partnerships with leading product manufacturers and other strategic vendors in the cellular data industry, we are able to bring our customers a greater level of innovation and dependability. Are you looking to improve the wireless connectivity in your home or office to ensure that your employees, customers, and equipment are always able to connect to the internet? Installer.ca has the cellular data solution for your company—no matter the size. We offer full service cellular data solutions for any industry and any need. Installer.ca has solutions to fix weak cell data signal. We install commercial quality cell phone signal boosters. Our systems cover all major carriers, and boost 3G and 4G data signals. We provide complete turn-key solutions including site testing, equipment, and installation. Each system is designed to maximize coverage at each specific location. We install products by industry leader such as Cradlepoint, Teltonika, Pepwave, Cisco Meraki and many other top brands.

Our service includes cellular modems and routers. Cellular gateways seamlessly transpose a wireless cellular signal to wired ethernet, providing primary or failover connectivity. Designed to optimize cellular signal strength, the our gateway can be readily positioned away from a weak cellular signal in the network closet, to near a window, or even outdoors. Cellular modem effortlessly slots into your existing infrastructure, regardless of what it may be. Pair the MG with any router downstream to deliver primary or failover cellular support.

Cradlepoint CBA850 Cradlepoint CBA850
Pepwave MAX BR1 Pepwave MAX BR1
Teltonika Rut950 Teltonika Rut950
Cisco Meraki MG21 Cisco Meraki MG21

Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity. Integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure. Redundant cellular connectivity with dual SIMs. Device security and data privacy. Automatic cellular carrier detection and switching. Wide band directional LTE antenna enhances signal transmission between the nearest cell site tower and the modem and comes with excellent signal gain. These units are made for fixed setups and pointed to the closest cellphone signal tower. Integrate with network-enabled products and services: building automation systems (BAS), energy management, lighting, voice and data networks, unified communications, HVAC, audio/visual, and physical security.

Construction monitoring

When thousands if not millions of dollars are poured into construction projects it makes zero sense to not try and protect that kind of investment. Be it vandalism, material pilfering, equipment misuse or such a mundane task as keeping all the staff on work sites in check takes a lot of effort and resources. Construction monitoring helps one to be on top of things 24/7.

Internet in rural areas

Nowadays we are used to high speed internet being at the reach of our fingertips wherever we are. But that is not always the case, especially in rural areas. Sometimes, this isn't always the case in rural areas, farmsteads, beach houses or in the nature in general. However, one customer developed a solution of being able to use Installer.ca's routers in any of these scenarios.

Bulding Automation Systems (BAS)

Buildings of all ages have intelligence built in, often isolated to silos of systems where access to the information is limited. Whether its HVAC, lighting, or fire safety – its time to harness this data and send it to the cloud. Combine all the valuable data through our IoT network to get the most out of your data and make better decisions for new technologies.

Professional WiFi Installation for Businesses in Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario

Convenient Installation Schedule
A service provider running cable and moving ladders in your Toronto office space can be very disturbing to your staff. Our team offers flexible installation schedules, so that we can install an enterprise grade wireless network in your office without interrupting your day-to-day operations. We offer nighttime and weekend installations for increased convenience and minimal downtime.

Product Expertise
Our team members specialize in all things WiFi. We’ve focused our efforts on wireless networking and are therefore able to offer higher quality service and research-based recommendations. Emerging trends in technology and ergonomics are making a strong WiFi connection more necessary than ever. We have an office WiFi solution that can be installed with no downtime.

Commitment to Service
We always keep client needs in mind, as they are the primary force driving our business. We focus on efficiency, take our time to explain all costs associated with your new wireless system and why you’re paying for what you’re paying for. Client education and knowledge transfer is huge and transparency is a big factor in earning your trust and valued repeat business.

A wireless network that just works

No matter what industry or environment you work in, we can provide you with a reliable and affordable cellular data solution that is tailored around your business’ unique needs and your location’s layout. There are all sorts of Toronto business and properties that can benefit from a strong wireless solution. They include: offices, restaurants, healthcare facilities, coffee shops, retail locations, commercial buildings, and many others.

The cellular data service from Installer.ca offers features such as complete coverage, faster speeds, better parental control options and easier setup and management features. Our technicians will offer to help you in setting up and maintaining a good home cellular data system that will servce you for years. The team at Installer.ca are the premier wireless network specialists in Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Reliable Cellular data coverage across your entire property for full smart home integration.

Installer.ca Whole Home Cellular Data
Average ISP Cellular Router
Below average ISP Cellular Router

The ultimate home cellular coverage

Have an office or commercial building in Toronto and need to replace a wireless system that just doesn’t work? Maybe you’re a new office and want to start things off on the right foot by purchasing a quality wireless solution that will grow with you and won’t break the bank.

We would love to help you with your latest project.

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