Garage Opener Installation in Saint John, NB

smart garage door opener

Use your mobile phone to receive alerts, openand close your Saint John, NB home garage door, and sync with other popular smart devices and platforms.

Easily connect to your home network with built-in Wi-Fi, receive alerts and open or close your garage door on your smartphone, set a recurring schedule to close your garage door or turn your lights on/off.

Putting all the parts and pieces together for Smart Garage Door Opener installation in Saint John, NB needs to be executed with skill, precision, and some finesse. Our experienced and certified technicians receive ongoing education and stay up to date on the latest standards and best practices. We take pride in executing your system design with quality craftsmanship so it functions as desired and is reliable.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Make your garage door smart. Just drive in. No buttons, no keypad.

Opens the door automatically for you without needing the button, keypad or to pull out your phone and launch the app.

Closes the door automatically when you leave.

Optional sensor is available to use with vehicles that do not have Bluetooth such as motorcycles, ATVs, or older model vehicles. It also allows iPhone users to have the auto open and close feature.

Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Supports IFTTT.

Open, close, check the door status, and receive alerts anywhere in the world using your smart device and the free iOS or Android app

Pairs and recognizes your vehicle's Bluetooth ID so the garage door automatically opens when you arrive and closes when you go.

Unlimited users, no monthly fee, a history log and customizable alert and auto-close schedules that are perfect for both home and business use. can install smart garage door system with your existing garage door opener.

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Professional Smart Garage Door Opener Installation

Protect people and vehicles with safety sensors that stop the door from closing on obstructions. Electronically protects against forced openings of your garage door. Confidently know that every click sends a secure code to your garage door opener.

Getting all the systems in your Saint John, NB home to communicate with each other requires the use of a smart home system. Professional installation requires proper planning, design, and programming.

Our technicians balance the technical know-how with the human element so you won’t need a manual filled with lots of instructions whether you’re using a touch screen, keypad, remote, or smart device to control your system.

Why do people in Saint John, NB select us smart gadare opner installation and home automation service? We have many years’ experiences in this respective field so we know smart lock systems in great detail. We recognize our customers’ needs and design the function of this system as per clients’ requirements. We provide effective home automation service at an affordable price so that, people can afford it easily.

We can help you setup your smart products

  • Smart Garage installation connects to your WiFi network and your existing Garage Door opener and transforms it into a smart device that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world – the lifting and lowering down of the garage door is still performed by your garage door opener but the trigger to open and close the door is controlled by Smart Garage Controller. It certainly is an incredible value for money when compared to other similar options.
  • The garage door opening and closing could be controlled in multiple ways – either through simply tapping your smartphone Smart garage mobile app, or by driving near your garage door (this feature is in BETA release), or by giving voice commands to your Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices.
  • You could authorize multiple individuals to access your garage through Smart Garage or even remotely open/close the gate when a guest has to access your garage. Moreover, you don’t have to worry if you forgot to close your door for Smart Garage will notify you, and you can even look at previous 7 days’ opening/closing logs to be sure of your garages security. is a business built on not only on reputation, but on building long-lasting relationships. Our mission is to surpass your expectations while raising the bar in quality and satisfaction throughout the industry. We are dedicated to finding ways to help our customers save money.

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