IoT Solutions for Remote Facility Monitoring

With our extensive experience providing building automation system installation for facility monitoring and management, we are able to provide thoughtful discussion and valuable insight about what products and solutions work best to achieve a desired result for you. We advise you on what products are reliable and which play well with others. With our collaborative approach expect to get ideas and creative suggestions on how to incorporate device installation and commissioning to enhance your life at office or for a business. We can even let you know what to avoid or where to proceed with caution, which can save time, money and frustration.

Sensors to monitor important conditions

Wireless gateway to relay data to software

Access alerts and data remotely

Easy management and administration

As a facility owner or manager, you end up wearing so many hats. With limited hours in the day, how do you fit it all in? Get real-time alerts for events that require your attention. Our award-winning wireless sensors will let you know if there is motion after hours, a water leak, changes in temperature or humidity, or other unusual events. Always know your properties are buttoned up with Facility Wireless Sensors for remote facilities monitoring.

Professional Facility Monitoring Installation

Not being aware of things happening at your facility can be costly. So much can go wrong when you're away. Water damage and other gradual damage can even go unnoticed when the facility is occupied. Spot issues today—avoid problems tomorrow. See beyond the obvious with our Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Monnit remote monitoring solutions give you deeper insight. Step offsite with confidence knowing you (or your staff) will get an alert if anything goes wrong while you're away. Many solutions require a large initial outlay or offer a limited sensor line—requiring facility managers to maintain multiple systems. Grow your system as you grow.’s affordable and scalable remote monitoring solutions have you covered with 70+ IoT sensors. With ROI established, you can scale seasonally, by the job, or as other unique requirements evolve.

We can help you setup your Facility Monitoring products

Early warning signs of equipment failure or impending building damage are difficult to detect. This challenge is compounded when the many demands on your time prevent constant checking in on vulnerable equipment. Customize alerts for the things you care about. Decide which abnormal conditions warrant a text, email, or call alert. IoT sensors can even alert you to irregularities that would be hard for a human to identify in person. Time adds up when you are manually verifying your commercial property maintenance. Whether you manage one building or 50, you have other priorities and there aren’t enough hours in the day to physically handle facility monitoring. Sacrificing your personal life isn’t a sustainable option either. Automate with facility monitoring systems. The time you will free up can be used for more important things—like life (sleep is back on the menu).

Wireless Temperature Sensor Wireless Temperature Sensor Installation
Wireless Humidity Sensor Wireless Humidity Sensor Installation
Wireless Water Sensor Wireless Water Sensor Installation
Wireless Motion Sensor Wireless Motion Sensor Installation
Wireless Voltage Meter Wireless Voltage Meter Installation


Wireless Voltage Meters: Easily monitor potential differences (voltage) between two electrical points. Use turnkey voltage meters to retrofit common industrial sensors, monitor batteries, renewable energy sources & more.

Wireless Voltage Meters 0-10 VDC: Add turnkey Wireless Voltage Meters to commonly used industrial sensors and remotely monitor the voltage between two points. Get data from previously “dumb” devices to optimize operations.

Wireless Voltage Meters 0-200 VDC: Integrate a wireless voltage meter to monitor the electrical status of items you depend on, like industrial lift trucks, solar PV panels, and power banks. Remotely monitor status & operation.

Wireless AC Current Meters: Remotely monitor power consumption with this Wireless AC Current Meter. Get valuable insights on machine health, HVAC performance, or machine health via current usage. Also used for submetering.

Wireless Voltage Detection - 200 VDC: This wireless voltage sensor monitors the on/off status of equipment, machines, or battery levels. Track power sources up to 200 VDC for industrial vehicles, ATVs, adapters, PV solar equipment & more.

Wireless Voltage Detection - 500 VAC: Wirelessly monitor voltage for critical equipment & systems up to 500 VDC. Keep an eye on sprinkler systems, HVAC, power couplings, sump pumps. Know about electrical faults & act quickly to keep business moving.

Wireless mA Current Meters: Easily update existing scientific or industrial sensors to wirelessly collect process data. Remotely monitor current transducers, as well as oxygen, pH, magnetic flow sensors & more.

Wireless Pulse Counters: Monnit wireless pulse counters can be integrated with a dry contact or mechanical switch to count the number of actuations occurring within a given time frame.

Wireless Voltage Detection: This voltage sensor monitors or the presence or absence of electricity up to 50 VDC. Use to track electrical appliances, adapters, solar devices and commercial machinery. Be alerted of power status changes.

3-Phase Current Meter - 500 Amp: Use this sensor & be alerted of about imbalances or power faults. Sensor uses 3 x 0–500 amp current transducers to monitor min/max RMS current, duty cycle of each phase, combined amp hours & other metrics.


Wireless Temperature Sensors: Incredibly versatile, this remote monitoring solution is ideal for any area where extreme temps could degrade performance, assets, or safety. Use to monitor food storage, facilities and more.

Wireless Humidity Sensors: Monitor relative humidity in facilities & enclosures. Universities, data centers & art galleries alike use sensor data to protect mission-critical machines & priceless artifacts. NIST certification is available.

Water Detect Plus: Spring a leak? This remote monitoring solution instantly alerts you. Step in & defend facilities from damage by weather or plumbing & equipment failure. Sensor also detects non-presence of water.

Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor: Unique battery-powered sensor monitors jobsites, offices & residential complexes for carbon monoxide (CO). Within a small footprint, the MEMS-based device packs a 0–1,000 PPM measurement range & automated data logging.

Wireless Thermocouple Sensor: This valuable tool supports facility monitoring, food production & more. Available with a K-type connector or hardwired needle probe, thermocouple sensor measures up to 400°C (752°F).

Wireless Light Meters: Plug-&-play sensor measures light intensity (lux). Measuring moonlight to natural sunlight (0–83,000 lux, indoors), sensor helps protect high-value assets from excessive sun exposure. Also used in greenhouses.

Wireless Pressure Meters: Unique battery-powered sensor measures line pressure—gas, liquid, or vapor. Monitor machines, pumps & specialized areas (like labs, negative pressure tents, or cleanrooms). 50 PSIG & 300 PSIG models available.

Wireless Air Quality - PM Meter: Particulates matter. This easy-to-use air quality sensor measures PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 concentrations in the air. Protect occupants and ensure safety in mines, production facilities, commercial kitchens & more.

Wireless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Sensor: Trusted by facility managers, this MEMS-based sensor monitors CO2 levels in the air. Get an alert if CO2 levels surpass preset limits. Used to protect indoor air quality in greenhouses, marine vessels & HVAC systems.

Wireless Air Velocity Sensor: Velocity sensor measures the pressure difference between two input ports, as well as ambient temperature and altitude, to determine airflow speed in a system. Use in sensitive areas, e.g., hospitals & clean rooms.


Wireless Open-Closed Sensors: This plug-&-play sensor alerts you when something’s left open or unexpectedly accessed. Use in restaurants, labs, server rooms, remote facilities, or vacant buildings. Know doors, walk-ins & cabinets are secure.

Wireless Infrared Motion Sensors: Wirelessly monitor motion by people or animals. Know when an area is accessed or a room is entered. This infrared sensor helps you augment facility security or better understand building traffic and usage.

Wireless Accelerometers: If it moves or vibrates, know when and how much. These motion sensors offer a host of monitoring solutions for machines & processes. Solutions include Tilt Sensors & award-winning Advanced Vibration Meter.

Wireless Activity Detection Sensors: Know if it moved, didn’t, or if it suddenly moved when it shouldn’t. Track activity of motors, machines, pumps & other vital assets. Know that processes are running smoothly or if maintenance is needed.

Wireless Magnet Detection Sensors: Remotely track the movement and placement of assets, doors/windows, or machinery. Place a magnetic strip on an asset; via a reed switch, the sensor will detect the presence of a magnetic source.

Wireless Asset Sensors: Track the movement and placement of assets, machinery, carts with samples, or window/door positions. Place a magnetic strip on an asset; via a reed switch, the sensor will detect the presence of a magnetic source.

Wireless Vehicle Detect-Counter Sensor: Easy-to-deploy solution detects vehicle presence, counts oncoming traffic, and tracks the time a vehicle is parked. Ideal for fleet management, parking garages, service centers, curbside retail & more.

Commercial Ultrasonic Sensors: This enterprise-grade IoT solution measures the distance between itself and objects in its path. Use for liquid level detection, inventory status, object detection & other indoor or outdoor applications.

Wireless Flex Sensors: This versatile sensor measures air or water flow, mechanical movement, or vibration by monitoring the bend (force) applied to an on-unit ribbon. Installations include HVAC, seat monitoring & more.

Industrial Ultrasonic Sensors: Packaged in an industrial-grade, weatherproof housing, this sensor measures distance. Indoor & outdoor applications include vehicle/object detection, capturing liquid levels, monitoring inventory & more.

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