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Automated 24 hour package locker for package drop off at a condominium, business centre, shopping facility, storage centre in the Greater Toronto Area

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Parcel locker access 24/7's parcel lockers can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year allowing greater flexibility for the user. Packages can be delivered any time of the day or night and are safely stored until a convenient time for collection.

Electronically logged deliveries
All deliveries made to the parcel locker are electronically logged to ensure a chain of accountability. This minimises missing parcels and provides a more accurate delivery process.

Notification upon arrival
Your customers are kept in the loop on a delivery’s progress conveniently from their smart phone. A specially developed app connects to the parcel locker and notifies the user as soon as the parcel locker has received a delivery. The recipient will be sent a push notification, text message and email containing a unique user QR code and PIN. The recipient can use their unique code or PIN at the parcel locker kiosk to enable access to their delivery.

Automatically sign for deliveries
Systems installed by are able to digitally sign for parcels delivered by couriers. Users no longer have to rearrange their schedules to be home and sign for important packages. Parcel lockers double as a virtual concierge that can receive and sign for deliveries on the behalf of the recipient.

Provide a free, convenient delivery and returns process.
Your Toronto residents, employees or customers need a quick and efficient way to receive their items as well as return them, and parcel lockers offer that. Customers simply enter a one-time PIN code or QR code that they received via email or SMS message, and the parcel locker door opens so they can retrieve their order. And returns are just as simple. Your Toronto customers simply place the return label on their parcel, scan the label at the parcel locker station and then place the parcel in the locker that opens. This allows customers to pick up and return their items when it's convenient for them, while giving youyr the ability to process return orders at a suitable time.

Many condominiums and businesses are placing parcel lockers at the entrance, lobbies or inside stores. Parcel lockers reduce the involvement of mail handling staff and take care of logging deliveries and notifying addressees. The parcel is placed in a locker, the recipient is selected from an index and they are automatically notified that they have a delivery. They then use the PIN/barcode contained in the message to gain access to the locker and pick up their package. It’s simple, convenient and secure, and it takes the emphasis off post room and office management staff. Being able to receive deliveries at work is a perk for employees who don’t have to worry about missing deliveries at home. The provision of a convenient, secure way of having their parcels delivered in a Toronto location helps employees with work/life balance - they no longer feel they have to take time off to be in for deliveries. This, in turn, helps with job satisfaction and morale.

Automated 24/7 PArcel Locker Installation in Greater Toronto Area

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While our primary market is the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, we are able to configure and ship a parcel locker to any destination actoss Canada and United States. Please contact us to discuss details of your project.

Our parcels locker system is available in multiple configurations with various options

parcel locker

While our primary market is the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, we are able to configure and ship a parcel locker to any destination actoss Canada and United States. Please contact us to discuss details of your project.

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