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Perhaps the most widely used green energy technology, a solar system can provide year-round energy and hot water for your home, pool, or commercial building. Solar hot water is perhaps one of the most cost-effective solar technology on the market.

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Solar Water Heating System Design in Canada

In active solar water-heating systems, pumps circulate water from the storage tank to the collector. In a direct system, the water to be used by the building occupants runs directly through the solar collectors. In an indirect system, either water or another heat-conducting liquid runs through the collectors and then passes through a heat exchanger to heat the water used by building occupants. Depending on the operating conditions, the cold water delivery pipe would be positioned to allow water to pass either through the heat exchanger loop or directly to the storage tank. In Canada, any solar water-heating system designed for year-round use should be an indirect system using a heat-transfer fluid that contains an anti-freeze agent such as non-toxic propylene glycol so that damage from freezing can be avoided. Heat-transfer fluid needs to be changed every three to five years to avoid system failure. Heat exchangers in solar water-heating systems resemble a pipe or pipes within a larger pipe. The pipe containing the water to be heated passes through a larger pipe that is flowing the fluid from the collector panel, allowing the heat of the sun to transfer into the water. Most collectors used for water heating are of the mid-temperature type.

Solar Water Heating System Design in Canada

A convenient, affordable solution to Go Solar. Looking for a viable option for electricity? Many people either don’t have access to electricity in remote areas or it’s not affordable. Going off grid the way to go. Great for: camps, real estate investors, outdoor lovers, hunting cabins and those who just live in remote areas. Off-grid solar has never been more convenient and affordable than it is today. Our custom designed projects allow homeowners to live without the utility grid. We incorporate generators, either automatic start or manual start, to work with solar panels and batteries to provide reliable electricity 24/7. These types of off grid solar projects are ideal for remote properties where the utility grid it too expensive to extend. Our customers can enjoy many of the same electric amenities that those who are connected to the utility grid enjoy, without an electric bill. We can monitor our systems with off grid data systems connected to the internet. Off grid home owners can view their system’s information from anywhere with internet. Even for grid connected customers there are off grid options. In our showroom in Wynantskill, New York, we have a 24 volt DC rated refrigerator. This appliance runs off of one 210 watt solar panel and one small battery. It is mounted at a steep angle on the side of our building for ideal winter production.

Off-Grid Solar Power

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