Professional TV Calibration and Optimization

Professional TV calibration in Greater Toronto Area so that your TV to perform at its best within your rooms lighting conditions. Using our hardware and software, we scientifically measure and adjust your TV settings, taking into consideration the components that it's connected to, room lighting, and other factors that affect performance. Many of the complex audio & video equipment today require some level of calibration. The difference between a calibrated home entertainment system and an un-calibrated one is dramatic, and should be experienced first-hand to be believed. When we show you the difference, you'll realize you're valuable money spent on un-calibrated video and audio components is well worth it!

tv calibration
tv calibration

Maximize your TV investment

  • We calibrate your TV to adjust the settings for contrast, backlight, colour, motion processing, brightness and/or noise reduction so you get the best picture quality possible
  • We using ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration tools and standards hardware and software.
  • Whatever type of TV you own: 4K TV, Plasma, DLP, LCD, OLED, LED, Projector, a professional calibration will make a visible and obvious improvement in your picture quality.
  • You’ll be able to distinguish the subtle differences in flesh tones among people and fast action motion in movies and sports will look more natural and be easier on your eyes.

Whether your Greater Toronto Area home's TV is a basic television on a stand or an entire home theater installation with a new 4K display, the key to maximum enjoyment and optimal performance is proper calibration. You could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on the high end, latest technology equipment that is out there and still have it not sounding right due to improper set up. will make sure your equipment is set up correctly.

We measure on screen data to analyze the display using test instrumentation with a Color Analyzer/Spectroradiometer while using test DVD’s and a Test Pattern Generator to see what has to be adjusted in the display itself. We correct the basic Contrast, Brightness, Color and Sharpness controls of the set and then make more advanced adjustments to correct the grayscale. All adjustments affect one another so a calibration can take quite some time.

Professional ISF-certified calibration optimizes your HDTV’s picture settings to match your room and viewing habits while reducing energy usage and extending the life of your TV. A properly calibrated picture reveals the full detail in the darkest parts of a movie or the brightest parts of an outdoor sporting event. HD and 4K programming will have vibrant, lifelike colors, your favorite team’s uniforms will look like the real deal and movies will be just the way the director intended you to see them.

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