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Verasys controls system empowers you to design and optimize your building to keep occupants comfortable, productive, safe. You have more options to reduce costs and increase control of HVAC, refrigeration and lighting equipment. Verasys s a configurable system that streamlines installation and commissioning, and helps facilities perform at peak levels. Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership: Easy-to-use controls maximize energy savings and extend equipment life—reducing operating costs. Turnkey solution offers installed cost savings. Support for advanced sensors, controllers and thermostats creates new opportunities for efficiencies. Gain Maximum Efficiency Up Front: Plug-and-play controls system cuts installation time and complexity. Simple interface delivers vital building data for immediate control of your environment. Secure remote access makes it easy to manage your building from anywhere. Make/Enable Long-term Operating Improvements: Advanced level of control provides flexibility for scheduling, alarming, setpoints, and more. Predictive detection allows you to take a proactive approach to servicing your system. Early issue identification supports quick response to minimize downtime.

Making buildings smarter by optimizing equipment. The Verasys control system leverages smart equipment technology from any manufacturer. Verasys is a straight-forward, easy way to control and optimize single-site and multi-site enterprises. All mechanical and electrical equipment seamlessly connect to it and self-identify without requiring programming tools. As a result, you can take advantage of a new level of insight into building operations, and provide facilities that better serve occupants. Intelligent, integrated control. Simplified and supported.Verasys gives users remote access over a secure Internet connection. Plus, optional fault detection and diagnostics deliver alarm notifications immediately via email or text, and user-friendly graphics provide easy access to critical facility information to help minimize the risk of unplanned downtime and costly repairs. You can take advantage of cloud-based solutions that deliver the quality and value your enterprise requires. Whether it’s one site or one thousand, Verasys provides an advanced level of control flexibility, including scheduling, alarming, setpoints, and more. It communicates using BACnet® MSTP, so Verasys is scalable. And it works with third-party package equipment for greater application flexibility and to protect existing investments.

Verasys Smart Building Hub Verasys Smart Building Hub Installation
Verasys Thermostat Verasys Thermostat Installation
Verasys Bypass Damper Controller Verasys Bypass Damper Controller Installation
Verasys Lighting Controller Verasys Lighting Controller Installation
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Verasys Installation

Control with confidence. Built-in comfort and efficiency.Verasys helps enable a smarter building which means more comfort, productivity and efficiency. Verasys connects you to cloud-based data streams from smart controls in rooftop units, fan coils, zone dampers, heat pumps, refrigeration systems, lighting panels and more. Data can be accessed anywhere, at any time from any mobile device. This unprecedented, real-time access to critical information ensures energy efficiency and lower operating costs throughout the building’s lifecycle. So you can identify issues before they result in unplanned downtime and extends equipment life. A smarter way to transform your business.Verasys provides the tools, capabilities and secure data to deliver leading-edge, end-to-end control technology to building owners. You get the best value and optimized building environments that support enterprise needs.

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Plug-and-play control system to manage smart buildingsIn a single building, or across an entire enterprise, Verasys® offers a controls solution for HVAC/R, lighting and metering. Through an advanced user interface, it delivers a higher level of building control intelligence that optimizes building ecosystems, resulting in a building that better serves its occupants, saves energy and reduces maintenance costs. Smart EquipmentVerasys can identify and leverage Smart Equipment from Johnson Controls or any other manufacturer. It takes full advantage of Smart Equipment technology by providing real-time performance data with cloud-based data analytics, seamless connections with no special programming tools, and increased control for greater efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.

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